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Top Unusual Wedding Venues. It is becoming more and more of a trend to marry in a less formal setting, to reflect personality and style. Informal events spaces can allow couples to really let their personality shine through, and sculpt their day into exactly what they want, without feeling restricted to times and schedules, and have fun!
As a wedding photographer I am lucky enough to see a wedding day from beginning to end, the drama and the emotions. I feel that these venues below are a great way of expressing individuality on your speical day.
This is an amazing little place right in the heart of glasgow. It’s quirky cobbled streets and delightful Victorian ballrooms give both flexibility and choice to couples getting married there. I have photographed this venue a few times, and it’s amazing how different it can be for every couple.  Sloan’s bar and restaurant have two wedding fayres a year, and have many of the best suppliers from within glasgow and the surrounding area, who compliment the unique style of the venue.
What a speical find. Deep below the vaults of south bridge in Edinburgh lies the most wonderful collection of wedding venues you will ever find. Buried within the vaults of the south bridge are ‘the caves’ ‘the Rowan tree’ and ‘marlins Wynd’ These are dark and mysterious spaces, all carved into beautiful rooms for weddings. Steeped in history of Edinburgh’s past, they are an amazing choice of venue. I loved it so much…we got married their in 2016.
Harelaw farm– Ayrshire
This is a new venue which has taken the wedding industry by storm. A beautiful barn on the outskirts of kilmarnock, just 30mins from glasgow city Center. It really gives you a taste of rustic rural wedding without being too far away to travel to. This unique space is rustic, and quaint with bags full of charm. Food is exquisite and staff look after couples and guests alike.
What a venue! This small venue packs a punch when it comes to unique style. The space is essentially a atrium courtyard in one of the most popular areas in the East end of Glasgow. It holds a host of events and pop up markets for makers and designers alike, and is a hub for creative…what’s not to like? Truly unique space.
This is a lovely venue, and the reason it’s in this list is because it is so diverse. Which means your wedding can be very unique, very easily. The building itself is very elegant and the flexibility to room hire helps to cater to your own needs. Truly brilliant wedding venue choice.
All these venues have their own personality and style, which can help you to build your personalised day! Happy hunting! Remember it’s your day…no one else’s!
Claire + Niall | Sloans Glasgow Wedding

Claire + Niall | Sloans Glasgow Wedding

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