Top Summer Wedding Ideas

If you’re thinking of making the most of the summer by tying the knot, then you can get planning a seasonal wedding. While we don’t always get a long summer here in the UK, these ideas will help you to celebrate in style.

Think Outside the Box with Catering

With a summer wedding, you can really think outside the box with what you serve your guests. Ice cream bars are a hit on a hot day and will keep your guest cool. Summer themed cocktail bars are also popular with guests and you can find ways to ensure that these don’t cost you a lot.

When you’re planning out your day, you can have an outdoor section between the ceremony and the dinner, as this is a popular way to give your guests a transitional period. Within this, you have the option to really make it a day to remember with some alternative catering.

Play Some Outdoor Games

Outdoor games like croquette and lawn bowling allow your guests to loosen up and enjoy the sunshine. They don’t have to worry about chatting or hitting it off, as conversation will flow naturally as they play. This can be a good icebreaker and if the weather is nice, it will keep the guests entertained while you get ready for the next part of the day.

Floral Decorations

You can use wildflowers and floral pieces through the day, on your table and as the bouquet. You can look into flowers from the area as a way to represent the scene. For Scottish weddings, wildflowers and tartan are very popular with the wedding party and their guests.

With these kinds of decorations, you can embellish them as much as you like. Some brides and grooms like to keep things simple, whereas others add gems and sparkles to really make them pop.

Get an Outdoor Dancefloor

If the weather is nice, then the last thing your guests want to do is to head inside. They can use an outdoor dancefloor if they want to party as the day goes on. You can make sure you have a gazebo ready just in case rain strikes too.

This gives a more casual feel to the day too, as you don’t have to have the sit down parts of the day. It’s traditional to arrange for food later on in the evening, you could keep things casual for your guests by having some buffet style food outside.

If you want to capture the day and make the most of the hours of sunlight, then get in touch. I’ll snap the photos that show you and your guests really enjoying yourselves.




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