Top Rural Wedding Ideas

Rural wedding ceremonies are becoming ever more popular, with brides to be foregoing the more traditional venues. If you’re planning a rural, countryside event then these reception ideas will help you to create the perfect theme.

Create a Guestbook

The guestbook of your wedding can be themed around the venue. If you’re going rural then you could make a guestbook that has a bit more character than a plain book. Tartan is an excellent option for weddings in Scotland that have this theme, as it brings out the country element.

Host your Reception Outside

This can be a tricky thing to plan for, with the weather being unpredictable, but an outside wedding can allow your guests to appreciate their surroundings. Many venues that have an outdoor area will be able to prepare for bad weather, with coverings and gazebos, so you don’t need to worry about the weather. If you’re out in the country then you want to be able to enjoy the view!

Serve a Buffet

A buffet can make a rural wedding feel much more relaxed than a traditional dinner. Sharing style dishes can suit more guests too, as they have more choice as to what they want on their plate. If you’re expecting a lot of kids at the wedding, then this is a great option to keep costs down and keep your smallest guests happy too.

You can carry this through to the drinks with coolers that people can help themselves to. This relaxed style of reception will be sure to prove popular with your guests.

Decorate Creatively

Rural wedding venues can be brilliant places to express your creativity. Everything from the table settings to the signage can be customised to fit in with the theme. There are so many fun ideas that you can use to bring a touch of the venue to each facet of the day.

If you’re keeping costs low with the decorations, then you can even use recycled elements for the decorations. Craft shops often have supplies and decorations that you can use for aisle ends, tables and more.

A rural wedding can create a fantastic backdrop for you and your guests to enjoy. I love to shoot these kinds of weddings, so if you need a photographer for your special day then get in touch with me.



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