How to Plan a Small, Intimate Wedding

Small Intimate Wedding

A Small Intimate Wedding, an option that is growing in popularity. Many venues cater for smaller weddings, allowing for the bride and groom to have an intimate wedding day. Having only the close friends and family.

Not everyone wants to have a massive wedding with hundreds of guests, as some would rather have an intimate event. Smaller and more intimate wedding ceremonies can give you a chance to really connect with your guests and can also keep costs down. If you want to plan this kind of wedding, then here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Think about your Guests

With a smaller event, some people can feel a bit more self-conscious and less likely to mingle. Plan seating plans and activities that will make people feel more comfortable. This also ties into your guest list selection, as those that already know one another will be more at ease.

Indulge in Some Luxuries

The costs of a much larger wedding can mean that you have to scrimp on the smaller details, but with an intimate wedding you can splash out on some luxuries. If your budget allows for it, then you might like to add in small keepsakes and gifts for your guests – which adds a really nice touch to the day.

In 2017 I noticed a influx of people asking for discounts, not that this is an issue but have you ever thought of reducing your guest numbers. I know that would be a scary prospect for most people. But you have to think what’s more important to you, quality wedding suppliers or more wedding guests. Is photography really important to you, then don’t choose those cheap alternatives. It’s true when people say ‘ You get what you pay for.’ I couldn’t agree more.

Choose the Right Venue

Many wedding venues are designed to hold large numbers, so with a smaller wedding party they can look a little bare. When planning an intimate wedding, consider the venue and how your guests will feel in it. Fortunately, there are many smaller venues that are only for smaller parties, which you can take full advantage of.

Select Great Entertainment

The entertainment for an intimate wedding is important, as it has to be great. You could go down the traditional route or do something really quirky with your guests, it’s all about you after all. Dancing, karaoke and even board games can make for fun entertainment for a small wedding.

Use Logistics to your Advantage

As the wedding is smaller, you can ditch some of the formalities. You could go for one big table for everyone to enjoy their meal and even ask the officiant to ditch the microphone, as the venue is smaller. These logistics make the event feel much more intimate and allow your guests to get into the spirit of the day.

If you’re planning an intimate wedding and want a photographer that will accurately capture the day, without getting in the way, then contact me. I capture the real moments that your guests have on the day, even at the smallest of weddings.

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Below are a few examples of small intimate weddings I have photographed, both having less than 30 guests. The dynamics and structure of the day felt very personal. Please get in touch to discuss your wedding ideas.

Katelyn + Alex | Glasgow Art School

Katelyn + Alex | Glasgow Art School

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