Photography you need for Small Intimate Weddings

Photography perfect for Small Intimate Weddings

Small Intimate Weddings are very popular with couples that want a slower low key wedding.

Over the years I have been part of many small intimate weddings, they add a very special experience for you and your guests.

When it comes to a venue, you are spoiled for choice in Scotland. Why not go for a self catering house or castle.

Castle Lachlan is a truly unique spot for a wedding, with the house to yourselves and family it allows you to create the wedding you have dreamt of.

Being a Photojournalist I photograph those moments that will never happen again.

Emotional Grooms

Belly laughs from your friends

Hugs from your mum

Telling your Wedding story is what I do, keeping it relaxed and engaging.

I observe then take a photograph, rapidly pressing the shutter and hoping for the best is not my style.

A moment is just as important as the photograph. With no context it won’t mean anything.

When booking a photographer you should have complete confidence in their ability and professionalism.

If photography is not important to you, it should be! The flowers will die and your cake will be eaten. Our memories are saved forever through the medium of photography.

My approach to wedding photography coincides with small intimate weddings.

Engaging in conversation to gain that perfect photo.

Cherish your photographs, show them to your family for years to come. Knowing that, is why I do what I do.

My 2019 diary is still open to lots of popular wedding dates. I will hear from you soon!

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