How to Deliver the Perfect Best Man’s Speech

If you’ve been chosen to be the best man for a close friend or family member, then you may be stressing over the speech portion of the day. For those that are naturally more reserved or just not accustomed to public speaking, this can be a big ask.

If you want to do your best with your best man’s speech then follow these simple tips.

Start with the Introduction

When it comes to your speech, you want to start with the simple stuff. This should include who you are and how you know the newly wedded couple. While many of the people in the room might know you, this gives you a good starting point for the rest of the speech.

Practising this part well will allow you to just sink into the speech and calm your nerves for the remaining portion. You already know the basic details, so you can speak with confidence here before gearing up for the flowery stuff.

Add in a Few Jokes

Some tasteful jokes can really get the ball rolling with your speech, people are laughing and you’re starting to loosen up. Leave yourself a bit of space to improvise with these, perhaps something funny has happened on the day and you can add that in.

The caveat to this is that you really want those jokes to be tasteful! We’ve all seen speeches that go down the other route and aren’t always received well by the couple, so be careful.

Be Loud and Clear

When we’re nervous, we tend to mumble and speak much quieter. You want to project your voice to the room and speak clearly to make sure that you are heard. I’ve seen a lot of best man’s speeches in my time and the very best are the ones that are projected well to the entire room.

You may never have spoken to a big room before, or just never spoken in public, but the worst thing you can do is make it so no one can hear you properly.

Create a Good Flow

Getting the right flow in your speech, moving from point to point will make it much more enjoyable to listen to. The attendees will enjoy the fact that your best man’s speech is well rehearsed and flows together. At the start, you might be a bit more nervous but once you’ve got that down you can move through your points with ease.

Above All – Stay Sober

Having a few drinks to kick off the wedding and ease your best man’s speech nerves is perfectly normal, but don’t go overboard. You can relax when the speech is out of the way, but you don’t want to get too drunk to be able to deliver it properly.

If you’re planning to deliver a best man’s speech at an upcoming wedding, then make sure the bride and groom have the photography covered. You’ll want to keep these memories forever, especially when you follow this advice and give a speech worth remembering.




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