Engagement Shoot | 4 Things You Should Know

Engagement shoot- 4 things you should know
Guest Blogger : Louise Connor

Engagement shoots are a relatively new trend within the wedding world and many are unsure as to whether they should go for it. I know from experience that I hate getting my photograph taken, and the thought of going through it twice sends shivers down my spine. However believe it or not it was something I did, and I will share with you why I think it’s a great idea and tips from my experience.

  1. Ice breaker for…
    I believe that having an engagement shoot gives you a chance to get to know your photographer and you get to understand the way they work. It also gives the photographer a chance to understand what you like and don’t like before the big day. There is nothing worse than the photographer getting right in your face on your big day when you actually wanted a more relaxed approach. Don’t be afraid to speak to the photographer about what you prefer, they won’t bite!
  1. Choice of location

You could either choose a location very similar to your wedding venue, such as a castle with woodland surroundings, or urban city locations. This again could help you gage how comfortable you are in this environment.
We decided to have something completely different from your wedding day to show another side of us.
Lee and I were married in Edinburgh city center in ‘The Rowantree’ therefore chose to have our engagement shoot in a rural setting, in the hillsides looking over Glasgow, as this is what we love.
It also gives you a different type of photo for your wall. You could even use one for your ‘save the dates’.  So think carefully.

  1. Choice of clothing

Remember its Scotland…no matter what time of year you are in, dress comfortably. I think it’s important to be relaxed and happy for your engagement shoot to allow you to be…well you! And you can worry less about if your hair is out of place, and just enjoy the moments. Happy natural couples always make the best photos.

  1. Don’t be scared to have a laugh.
    You want to be silly…be silly. Laugh, chat, kiss, hold hands. Just remember you are better to be yourself and show the real you than just standing emotionless…stressed…uncomfortable with posed stance…..nothing worse. *Cringe*

So….to round up why I think you should have an engagement shoot…

It gives you a chance to get to know your photographer and how they work. You can then meet like old friends on your wedding day, instead of strangers.

It also allows you an opportunity to enjoy time with your partner without the pressure of the day.
Some lovely photographs for save the dates or simply to pass round the family as a cheeky teaser.

My husband offers a Free Engagement Shoot with all weddings booked for 2019! Full day, Half day and mid week bookings!



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