Wedding Elopement Scotland

Wedding Elopement Scotland.

Elopement most literally means “ to run away & not come back to your point of origin”

Due to my style of photography I meet many engaged couples who are rather uncomfortable with the prospect of being the ‘ centre of attention’ on their big day, and the idea of my relaxed approach puts them at ease.

However sometimes I wonder why such couples don’t simply elope ?

I can certainly understand from my own personal experiences that planning your big day can be expensive, stressful, overwhelming and can create a lot of tension amongst family & friends. We get so consumed with little details that we can forget the overall bigger picture.

This is why elopement weddings are so great to have! Stripping away all the trimmings and concentrating on the most important person -your partner and how much love you have for one another. Where you can truly be yourself, and have fun.

No frills…no bells or whistles…just you in the moment.

Isn’t that what it’s all about.

Read about a recent Elopement Shoot in Glencoe, Scotland.


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Glencoe Scottish Elopement

Glencoe Scottish Elopement

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