DIY Ideas for your Wedding

If you want to add your own personal touch to your wedding, then you might want to add in some DIY flair. Here are some great projects that you can use to add a twist to the day, check them out if you’re feeling crafty.


Before you even get to the big day, you can begin to design your invitations. You can use pictures or graphics that make them feel more personal. If you have the time, you can personalise each invitation with a picture or a special quote that the recipient will enjoy.

Custom stamps, ribbons and confetti can all be used to add a bit of sparkle to these invitations. Take care of these well in advance, as you won’t want to have them in the back of your mind in the run up to the big day.

Place Settings

The place setting is your chance to express your personality, as you can bring a bit of fun into the day. With so many ways to display where your guest sit, you can go DIY crazy! Records, books and even plates are things that you can decorate to show the seating plan.

This can also save you some money too, as you can pick these items up for less than a traditional place setting.


To tie in with your place setting, you can also create a centrepiece that reflects the theme of the day. I’ve seen some really interesting centrepieces over my time as a wedding photographer, so you can really go wild. If you’re having a themed wedding then this can be another fun way to convey that.

Sweets are proving really popular for wedding centrepieces these days, as it adds a whimsical touch to the day.

The Guestbook

Your guestbook will be a great memento to look back on, with plenty of comments from your friends and family. You can buy blank scrapbooks and albums from a craft shop, then go to town making it all about you as a couple.

You could customise your guestbook with pictures of yourselves or even of the guests, with a memory about them written beside it.


If you want to add to that handmade feel, then wedding favours are an excellent addition to your table. A memento of the day is ideal, for example if you’re getting married in the Highlands, a dram of whisky and a sprig of heather is a fantastic option. Adding a piece of ribbon and a name tag will make these feel extra special.

Creating your own wedding decorations makes the whole day feel unique, which is a feature that you’ll want to capture. If you have ideas for how you want the wedding day to look, then chat with me to make sure you have a photographer that captures it all in a candid way.



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