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I had worked at Cottiers Theatre Glasgow once prior to Avital and Scotts Glasgow wedding.
So could not wait to return.Cottiers Glasgow is a unique venue full of character,

I guess that’s why people book their wedding here?
Weddings have love, fun and emotion, that’s why I photograph weddings in a documentary style.
I prefer to present my clients with a true and honest representation of what actually happened,
rather than what the photographer made happen.

On our first meeting Avital and Scott stressed how they wanted a low key, no fuss wedding.
My photography style appeals to those small wedding clients.
Here I can engage, capture those emotive moments.
With minimal set up and control from the photographer, real wedding moments are recorded for you to enjoy forever.
The bride and groom brought friends and family from all over the world together for their special day.

So I began the day as the guests were arriving, closely followed by the bride.
As I work and live in Scotland, the rain is never far away, on this particular day there was a 10 minute dry spell.
Cottiers has a beautiful main hall with stunning stain glass windows, and features full of character.
The first dance was one of my favourite parts of the day, dancing under the theatre lights.

I have created a preview gallery, enjoy. Please get in touch to discuss your wedding plans.

Cottiers Theatre | Avital + Scott

Cottiers Theatre | Avital + Scott

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