Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography

Nowadays, couples who are planning their wedding want a relaxed photography approach. When I speak to couples all they want is photographs of their guests having a good time. They don’t want the traditional ‘group shots’.

Candid Photography can also be called ‘reportage’, a document of the wedding day.



My Approach, Engaging With Your Guests


Your friends and family are at your wedding to celebrate with you, candid photography allows people to relax, and enjoy a conversation. I will visit your venue, getting to know the environment and lighting conditions.

I observe, listen during weddings, allowing myself to capture the best moments. Over the past 5 years I have crafted my approach to photography, it’s important to know your equipment.


Choosing The Right Style For You


Choosing the right photographer can be tricky, but with so much choice you can have the right photography style that fits your day. Meet your photographer, it’s important to get along with the right person.

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