Candid Wedding Photography

Candid | Reportage Wedding Photography

What is Candid, Reportage, Documentary Natural Wedding photography?
The term portrays the style in which a photographer approaches their craft, in this case Weddings.

What does Candid really mean?

It is unobtrusive, genuine, natural, honest. This is the photography approach, rather than the traditional A-B-C of wedding photography, that is still expected by a large amount of public when they think…….wedding photography.

I prefer to present my clients with a true and honest representation of what actually happened, rather than what the photographer made happen.

A photo film of images, combined telling the story of the day. Moments that you might miss, moments that you saw but wished you could experience again.

Real memories, as it happened.

Candid moments are real, the fun, the tears, those smiles. Real memories, real emotion.

For me it’s not about that one photo, standing in front of the venue, or posing with the wedding car. Standing in a line waiting on a group shot is not for me.

I observe and record on the wedding day, allowing moments to develop.

The Traditional bits?

Your probably thinking…. What about those ‘traditional’ photographs?

The photos that people think you need, but if you were to ask, what is it they want? They would struggling to tell you.

When it comes to tradition I am not your guy. ‘Cheesy’ smiles won’t be taken by me, I will be taking photos for your memories.

Standing in front of your wedding car….posing on the back seat, with an awkward smile….Group shot after group shot just to keep members of the family happy….Pretending to sign your marriage schedule with a fancy fountain pen….etc.

You know what I am getting at.

Group photos…when are you getting your ‘set up’ group photos. This must be the most common term I hear at weddings. Why? The bride and groom are the ones who have to stand their, by the end they are stressed and bored. Family pressures.

While that is happening you are missing out on spending time with family and friends.
Having moments to remember rather than posing for photos that……let’s be honest you won’t look at more than once.

Photos that I won’t take…

I am not a traditional photographer, so here’s some shots I don’t take.
‘Set Up Shots’ like:
Pictures of your shoes/accessories. Pictures of your dress hanging up. Posed portraits of the bride/groom. Posed photos in general…

If I need to arrange the photo in anyway, it’s ‘Set Up’.

Your wondering Why?

Because for me it’s about those precious genuine moments.

Couple Portraits, Or as I like to call it ‘A Wee Wander’

There are photographers out there that will take you away for hours, not me, I want you to enjoy your canap├ęs and drinks along with your guests.

So, we will explore the local area for around 10-20 minutes. Photographs with context, maybe in front of the venue, celebrating the couples loving relationship. Allowing you to be natural.

On the day…

I work alone, I like it that way. For me to tell the story of your day I don’t work with a second shooter. You book me to create the photos for your memories.

I create the photographs the way I see it.

Using small cameras, no big flash set ups allows me to be a candid, natural wedding photographer.

Photography for those people who just want to enjoy their wedding day, looking back at images that captured that enjoyment, often without them knowing when a picture was taken.

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