Being a Wedding Story Teller

Being a Wedding Story Teller

Nothing posed, Nothing staged.”

Let’s explain what I mean by a Wedding Story Teller.
Your getting married and you do not want to be standing posing for hours, feeling like you are taking part in a photo shoot.

So I approach your wedding day in a slightly different manner, I tell the story of your big day. How?

By interacting with you and your guests I create moments that are special.

I use methods that allow your day to flow, not to interrupt of disrupt.

Asking your guests to be considerate and not ask for a photograph.

You can stay and enjoy your drink reception, celebrate with your family.

I won’t ask you to pose, this is a real wedding after all.

Allowing me to flow among your guests will achieve better photographs.

“Candid Wedding Moments Make the Best Memories.”

People refer to me as a ninja, I stay quiet to capture the real expressions.

Being at the right place at the right time is so important, I have gained this over 6 years in the wedding industry.

Natural, Authentic moments captured on camera.

I use secret tactics to achieve some of my photographs.

Whether you are getting married with 12 of your closest friends and family or just you and your partner.

Small Intimate weddings are my preferred wedding occasion.
Read my blog post on Small Intimate Weddings Here.

Small can be memorable too, you don’t have to go BIG.”

I hear from so many people, “I wanted to keep it small, but the pressure from family changed the day into a massive wedding.”

Listen to your heart and celebrate in the way you want.

If your visual like me, here are a few examples of Natural moments.

Cottiers Theatre | Faye + Mark
Cottiers GlasgowCottiers GlasgowCottiers Glasgow

Cottiers Theatre | Faye + Mark

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