A Day in Your Life

Personal photography has always helped me to evolve my skills and explore my relaxed and creative approach to wedding photography.  My candid photography style will capture moments that create natural stories.  ‘A Day in Your Life’ is a new personal project that follows the same documentary approach I use in my wedding photography.

In these natural and candid snapshots of your daily family life, there will be no photography studio.  Instead, I focus on capturing true moments of your family life.  These images will be full of honest photographic moments.  Also, you have the option to pick where we can create this special family storybook together.  In addition, this storybook will be full of precious candid memories.  Whether this is at home in front of the fire or out on a family stroll.  I will help showcase how special these day-to-day moments can be.

Personal Photography Project

You can see from looking at my previous wedding photography jobs that I like to photograph fleeting emotions and moments.  Most of all, my wedding photography style is all about highlighting one moment that helps to convey the overall feeling of an entire day or event.  The beauty of this wedding photography style is the forgotten, unscripted memories it will help you to remember.

This new ‘A Day in Your Life’ project will emulate the unscripted quality of my wedding photography style.  The project looks to showcase the power everyday moments have.  Also, this style of photography is great for helping you to remember those ridiculous family moments full of belly laughs and happy tears as your family grows and evolves.  As your family gets older, you can look back at these photographs and remember fond memories.

If you would like to hear more about my style of photography, or you’re interested in taking part in this photography project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.