2021 Weddings Discounted

2021 Weddings, discounted Photography Packages.

I want to start by wishing everyone well during this time, and send out positive wedding vibes.
We are living in very surreal times, but I want to reassure everyone that I will do everything that I can to help. I am a wedding photographer that cares about those moments you have with your wedding guests.

Right now weddings are not allowed to happen, but to be honest you can’t celebrate the way you had planned it. In your mind you are imagining being close with your loved ones.

Don’t cancel, just postpone.

Throughout the wedding industry I have heard all envolved are being very supportive, venues are rescheduling at no extra cost.

Suppliers are here to help.

But if your photographer can’t be there for your new date then get in touch, we can discuss my availability.

Because of our current climate finances can be a struggle.

But right now I am offering a discount on 2021 weddings.
Both packages listed on my wedding packages page are discounted by £200.

Back in February I was at Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow for Faye + Mark’s Wedding.
Their gallery is on this blog, it was a fantastic day, enjoy!

so remember don’t cancel, just postpone.

Candid Wedding Photography

“Candid moments are real, the fun, the tears, those smiles. Real memories, real emotion.

For me it’s not about that one photo, standing in front of the venue, or posing with the wedding car.

Standing in a line waiting on a group shot is not for me.

I observe and record on the wedding day, allowing moments to develop.”

The Traditional bits?

“Your probably thinking…. What about those ‘traditional’ photographs?

The photos that people think you need, but if you were to ask, what is it they want? They would struggling to tell you.

When it comes to tradition I am not your guy. ‘Cheesy’ smiles won’t be taken by me, I will be taking photos for your memories.

Standing in front of your wedding car….posing on the back seat, with an awkward smile….Group shot after group shot just to keep members of the family happy….Pretending to sign your marriage schedule with a fancy fountain pen….etc.

You know what I am getting at.

Group photos…when are you getting your ‘set up’ group photos.

This must be the most common term I hear at weddings.


The bride and groom are the ones who have to stand their, by the end they are stressed and bored. Family pressures.”

Cottiers Theatre | Faye + Mark
Cottiers GlasgowCottiers GlasgowCottiers Glasgow

Cottiers Theatre | Faye + Mark

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